Togetherness London

On 17 June I'm hosting this one day festival in Clapham, London. Together with 8 other facilitators we are holding experiences ranging from the body positive life drawing Body Love Sketch Club, through to Tango and emotional intimacy. My own session is called UNLEASH THE JOY.

Its an exploration of how you can allow the space for joy to arise by simply admitting the truth of your longing. This will be playful and you should have smile beams emanating from your cheeks after.

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Tango Dance Intimacy with Yanna ES • The Four Pillars of Freedom with Adah Parris • How not to F Up your offspring: neuroscience, epigenetics & raising children with Kitty Hagenbach • Being Intimate: If Only! with Alan Lowen • Do You See Me? with Kimwei McCarthy • Unleash the Joy with Adam Wilder • Heart Wave Dance with Dominik Schnell • Organisation as Organism: Going Teal with Alex Margot• Body Love Sketching Club with Rosy Pendlebury and Ruby Stevenson

This festival is for everyone, whether you are single or in a relationship, whatever your politics, gender, race, religion, wherever you come from and wherever you are going, you are welcome at TOGETHERNESS LONDON.

Tickets are £49 and can be purchased here

Previous participants said:



After the success of last year's festival we are running a new one in London this June. Gathering together great minds and expert facilitators to explore all aspects of human connection.

Movement • Creativity • Relationships • Intimacy • Connection • Playfulness

Tango Dance Intimacy with Yanna Benson • The Art of Meaningful Conversation with Adah Parris • How not to F Up your offspring: neuroscience, epigenetics & raising children with Kitty Hagenbach • Being Intimate: If Only! with Alan Lowen • Do You See Me? with Kimwei McCarthy • Meeting Deeply with Adam Wilder • Heart Wave Dance with Dominik Schnell • Organisation as Organism: Going Teal with Alex Margot • Body Love Sketching Club with Rosy Pendlebury and Ruby Stevenson


A special lunch time BONOBO FEAST hosted by international author and campaigner Tristram Stuart (small extra charge to attend this which includes your lunch food).

Previous participants said

"I just loved it. There's so many people I've told about it, I'll be strong arming people to attend next year - I feel like there would be something for all of my friends here, conventional or otherwise." J. J.

"Wow. Wow. WOW! I feel so different in my body, my relationship to myself, my trust in others (especially men), my possibilities for relationships and ways of relating to people. Thank you so so much for a completely epic day! " L.P.

"It was playful but also deep. I'm totally coming back!"

"I felt trusting, laid back and playful. It was sexy, innocent and daring. More please!"

"My partner and I went to the workshops that best suited us as individuals and as a couple. We are still enjoying discussing what we learned and applying things to our daily lives. Frankly, Togetherness didn't just meet my expectations, it by far exceeded them."


Adam Taffler